Guide To Clean Charging Ports By Madison Phone Repair Store

charging port cleaning

We sweep dust, lint, filth, and grime from the floor, but did you know it can also get into your phone’s charging port? This can happen if your smartphone is placed in a purse or pocket with the port pointing downward, which occurs quite frequently. Although dirt and dust will not affect your phone immediately, they may accumulate and render it useless.
According to Madison phone repair and accessories store, The charging port may be dirty if you haven’t charged your phone in a while or if it doesn’t appear when you connect it to a computer. You should understand how to clean a phone’s charging port, as simple as it may seem.

Every day, Smartphone Medics team of professionals assists millions of clients in making the most of their devices, identifying and resolving any issues that may arise, and making the most of their technology investment. Follow their advice below to keep your phone’s charging port in good working order.

Tips by Madison phone repair and accessories store on cleaning charging ports

Cleaning Charging port with compressed can

Cleaning a phone’s charging port with dry air from a pressurized can is the quickest and least intrusive method that won’t require smartphone repair. It won’t take much of your time and is very simple. You’ll need to buy a cheap compacted can online or dig out an old one at home.

For those with the necessary equipment, step-by-step instructions on cleaning a phone’s charging port with compressed air are provided below.

  • You should turn off your phone and wait a few minutes for it to shut down completely.
  • Pick up the compressed air can and point the nozzle at the charging slot.
  • Finally, shoot it a few times to eliminate any remaining dust or debris.
  • To see if your device is still working, turn it on and charge it again.

WARNING: Do not blow air into the charging port with your mouth if you want to charge it. This can have the opposite effect. Pouring water into the charger connection is the same as blowing on it with your lips. Water vapor produced by your breath may corrode the charging port.

If your battery is completely dead, you must buy a new phone. Check out our Shop for excellent options!

Cleaning the charging port with a toothpick.

The second and final at-home option we recommend is cleaning your phone’s charging port with a toothpick. Instead of a crushed can, a toothpick may be sufficient to remove most bits of debris from the charging port. Another potential application is collecting sticky particles from the dock.

Most likely, you have a toothpick lying around the house. If you don’t have a stick, please borrow one from a neighbor and continue as follows:

  • Remember to force-close your device once more.
  • Put the toothpick inside the opening now that you have it.
  • You can also remove any accumulated dust by gently scrubbing the charging port from one wall to the next.
  • Take care not to scratch or break the port in any way.

After that, you can shake the device or blow compressed air into it to remove the dust. If the above listed methods don’t work, you must book a repair with Smartphone Medics.

How to maintain your charging port’s cleanliness

Cleaning an iPhone’s charging port is an integral part of routine maintenance. You can prevent dirt and dust accumulation by using the techniques above regularly. The port is prone to wear and tear, but Manuel suggests keeping it clean may help you avoid the “iPhone is not charging” error.


Cleaning the debris from your phone’s charging port is straightforward and may fix your charging issues. Take your time and be cautious; by following this guideline by Madison phone repair and accessories store, you might save yourself a lot of trouble the next time your phone won’t charge. Contact our professionals to diagnose and repair the problem in case of severe damage.