Best Portable Charges You Can Find At Madison Phone Repair

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The last thing you want to discover while you’re on the go is that your phone doesn’t have enough battery life to get you through the day. In today’s world, most people regard their phones as an extension of themselves. You rely on it to communicate, navigate, and take photos; without it, you’d be completely lost. However, just as you might pick up a cup of coffee to give yourself the boost you need to get through the day, a portable charger from a trustworthy Madison phone repair and accessories store can give your phone the boost it needs to get through the day.

At Smartphone Medics, we are aware that It’s stressful to be constantly disconnected from a power source and worried about your phone or tablet dying. Fortunately, backup batteries of every size and capacity are available from third-party vendors. Some of the features available on certain power banks include fast charging, wireless charging, built-in cables, AC converters, LED lamps, and even the ability to jump-start a vehicle. When your smartphone’s battery indicator reaches the red zone, there is a portable charger for every budget.

We’ve narrowed down the dizzying array of portable charger options to offer you the best of the best.

Portable Charges You can Buy From Madison Phone Repair & Accessories Store

Anker Power Core 20000 mAh Battery Pack

If you’re looking for a portable charger, consider the Anker Power Core Essential 20000. Its large 20,000mAh battery can charge multiple tablets and phones several times. Because of its small size, you can keep it in your purse and never be without power.

Xiaomi Redmi 10000mAh Portable Charger

While Xiaomi’s 10,000mAh Redmi Power Bank isn’t the most well-known or powerful option, it is reasonably priced and useful if you need a little boost in battery life while on the go. For about $15, you can get 10,000mAh of capacity and 2.6A at 5.1V, which translates to around 13W power. This is provided by the power bank’s two USB-A connections, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. Remember that this isn’t the fastest portable charger on the market, and may cause a need for smartphone repair in case of incorrect usage. In such case, make sure to book a repair with us at an exceptionally reasonable price.

The Xiaomi 10000mAh Redmi Power Bank offers two methods for charging its own internal battery. For charging, there is a USB Type-C connector and a micro USB port in case you need to use an older connection. The entire package weighs only 254 grams, which is quite light considering its functionality.

Mophie PowerStation with PD Compatibility

The Mophie PowerStation with PD is the fastest charging portable charger on the market, and it’s also dirt cheap. This power supply can deliver 18W of power via a USB-C PD port for fast charging. You should be able to charge your phone to at least half capacity in under 30 minutes at that rate. To top it all off, there’s a second USB-A connector for charging two devices simultaneously, such as a phone and a pair of headphones.

The Anker Power Core III Elite25600, in particular.

Any ordinary battery pack will not suffice to keep a smartphone charged hence it may cause a need for Madison phone repair. Thankfully, the Anker Power Core III Elite 25600 does. With a maximum output of 60W and an internal capacity of 25,600mAh, this battery pack can charge multiple Ultrabook’s or MacBook’s at the same time. In addition to charging a laptop via its USB-C connector, it can power two other devices via USB-A at a total of 18W.

Omni 20+

The Omni 20+ is the best portable charger on the market and is ideal for charging a laptop or other high-drain electronic devices while on the go. The AC connector on this portable battery can power devices up to 100W, making it suitable for charging even large computers such as the MacBook Pro and several gaming laptops. This is far more powerful than the maximum power of any other AC plug-equipped battery we’ve seen.


You can find all these chargers at top Madison phone repair and accessories stores like Smartphone Medics, so don’t forget to contact us to shop for the latest smartphones and accessories.